Solar PV

Solar PV Installation

Solar photovoltaics, or solar PV, is an ever increasing popular choice for renewable energy systems for our homes. It is a financially viable option, as prices of installed systems have dropped over the past few years.

A well positioned south facing 4Kwp system will give you an income from the feed in tariff of around £600.00 per year , plus a saving of around £150.00 – £250.00 annually on your electricity bill  with 4 Kwp systems fully installed from £5795.00 you can see that Solar PV is a great return on investment of around 10-12% better than any Bank!

We are MCS accredited installers of solar PV systems, so you can be assured all of our installations will qualify for the feed in tariff (FIT). As independent installers we can offer advice on a wide range of PV panels and inverters as to which best suit your requirements. We will also assist in completing all required paperwork for the feed in tariff.

Solar PV works very well combined with heat pumps, as the electricity generated will offset the electricity being used by the heat pump.

If your property has not had an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) carried out recently we will arrange for this to be done on your behalf, as you will require this in order to apply for your FIT payments. Your property will need to obtain a D rating or above in order to qualify, it maybe that your property will need to have cavity wall or loft insulation installed in order to achieve the grade required.

We can also offer new to the market, from the manufacture Trienergia, triangle shaped solar panels which can be beneficial when installing on irregular shaped hipped roofs. This makes the most out of the roof space and gives a more aesthetically pleasing installation. Please see Triangle Solar Panels Data Sheet for more information.

For example standard 250 W modules on an irregular roof may only allow a total rated power of 2 kWp, whereas using specially made panels to fill the roof gains an additional 1 kWp of power. This additional capacity results in around an additional £170.00 of annual FIT income.

We can also design and install larger commercial systems for industrial units, and farm buildings, as well as ground mounted systems.

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Solar PV InstallationSolar PV Installation



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