Solar Panel Installation Case Studies

Solar PV Installation: Mr Hadier, Cheshire

This 3.84 kWp solar PV Sanyo system was installed on a new build property. We worked alongside the roofers, as our brackets were installed prior to the slates being fitted. We returned to install the panels/inverter and commission the system once the roof and internal works had been completed.

This system has been installed not only to make use of the feed-in tariff, but also to contribute to the electricity required to power the heated glass units throughout the property.

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Solar PV Installation: Mr Roberts, Ilkaston, Nottingham

This 2.0 kWp solar PV system was installed in two days. The system has 10 Caymax 200 W Panels and an Eversolar Inverter. The panels were split into two as there is a dormer in the centre of the roof.

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Solar PV Installation: Mr Fulton, Darwen, Lancashire

This solar PV system has 20 Caymax 200 W panels, and an Eversolar 4000 TL G83-1 Inverter. It was fully installed in two days.

The system is rated at 4 kWp and was designed to maximize the feed-in tariff, while still complying with G83-1 regulations.

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Solar PV Installation: Mr P Worley, Rhyl, Wales

This system uses 16 Sanyo 240W panels and a Sunny Boy 3300 inverter the to give a system size of 3.84 kWp. Ths system was completed and commissioned in two days.

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Solar PV Installation: Mr P Smith, Blackburn, Lancs

Mr Smiths system comprises of 16 Sharp 245W panels and a Sunny Boy 3300 inverter giving a total system size of 3.92 kWp. Addition timber was installed in between the roof rafters to allow the panels to be mounted in portrait to maximise the roof area.

The system was completed and commissioned in two days.

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Solar PV Installation: Mrs Newton, Bacup, Rossendale

This 3.9 kWp solar PV system uses 17 230 W panels, with a twin tracker inverter, to allow for the different number of panels in each string.

As part of the installation we also moved the soil stack vent below the roof into the loft using an air admittance valve, as there would have been shading issues from it at certain parts of the day.

The consumer unit and earthing was also upgraded as it was the old plug in type rewireable fusebox. It was all completed and commissioned in 2.5 days.

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